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Ways I can help you, help them.

I am a Special Education Specialist.

I am here to help parents navigate the difficult world of IEP’s, Disabilities and parenting a child with Differentability.

If you have a child who has been identified as Special Needs, you can contact me, either through this blog or by sending me a message.

I am here to help. What can I help you do?

1) Help you prepare for your upcoming IEP meeting by reviewing past IEP’s and helping you know what questions to ask or what goals to ask for.

2) Help you find and request research-based programs to request implemented for your child.

3) As a parent, help you brainstorm ideas for solving some very difficult parenting problems with your child.

4) Help you formulate the conversations to have with your child regarding his/her differentability and how to empower your child will skills to help him/her overcome the problems with social interaction or school/work that this may cause.

5) Ask! Let’s work it out together!